What you need to get for your membership site Using Infusionsoft Payments

Password Vault

It’s not a necessity, but.. I highly recommend starting using a password vault, if you haven’t started with one already. Lastpass is easy to use and it’s free.


I need to get hosting

There are many options for hosting. We recommend Siteground and then the GrowBig plan.

I already have a website and hosting

Depending on what hosting you already have, you have various options. It’s recommended to host the membership site separately from your website.

Some hosting plans allow more websites, some don’t. Please check with your hosting what is possible for you.

Make sure that you have an SSL certificate. When using Siteground, an additional SSL is not needed.

There is one exception. When you have GoDaddy for your regular website, you need to get hosting for your membership site somewhere else. GoDaddy does not align with some of the plugins we’re going to use and it can break your site.


It’s recommended to get a separate domain for your membership site.

You can do this by adding a subdomain for your existing site. This will look like this: members.thedigitaldutchess.com (site doesn't exist)

Or you can get a separate domain as I did (https://thedigitaldutchesstoolbox.com)

Email address

With Infusionsoft and also for your membership site, you need to get a professional email address. No more @gmail or those free services.

It is easiest to get your email address with the same registrar as where you got your hosting. Make sure to also get email hosting with that.

With most registrars, you can install email on your laptop and phone as well.

Pro Tip:

With most email hosting, you can also set a Catch-all email address. The thought behind the catch-all email address is that people can make typos. The additional advantage of a catch-all email address is that you can use any email address.

For instance, I have admin@thedigitaldutchess.com as my catch-all email address. So when I test something, I use whatevertextilike@thedigitaldutchess.com and I will receive the email. This way I always have the possibility to test without running out of email addresses.

Thrive Themes

The Membership and course will be built with Thrive Themes and with the Thrive Architect.

When you already have bought the membership, you can use that on 25 other sites, so you just have to let me know what your license code is.


The membership plugin is Memberium. It’s a membership plugin that connects via API with Infusionsoft.

The course will be built in LearnDash. It’s a super easy to use plugin which gives structure to the courses. You need the LearnDash PLUS package (including the ProPanel)

I will install a few other plugins as well, for design and workflow purposes, but those are free.



Ask your designer to create one where a part is an image (can be your initials, like Gloria has, or a small icon of some sort) and then your name, or your business name. 

Course thumbnail

On the dashboard of your membership site, you will get square buttons that lead to your course(s). For this, ask your designer to create a square image of at least 600×600 pixels. 

Header Background

As a header background, you can choose a color, a pattern, or an image. There is no need to design a header background yourself, just give me some keywords of what you want for the look and feel. You can search for images on UnsplashPixabay or even Canva. When you use Canva for your images, make sure that the image is at least 2500×600 pixels in size.

Legal Documents

On your site, you need to have the following legal documents:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Cookie Policy

There are free and paid services to get them. Make sure to get GDPR compliant documents.

Write the Welcome Email

When people get access to your course, they need to get a welcome email with their login credentials. You can use the email that is in the access campaign (will be added to your IS when I’m working on your membership) as a start. Or you can send me a word document with the text of your welcome email and I’ll add it on the right location.

Setup Payment Types in Infusionsoft

To be able to sell your course, you need to be able to accept payments through Infusionsoft. I’ll do the main setup, but you need to do one thing yourself (or together with me on a call).

  1. Login to Infusionsoft.
  2. Click on the Infusionsoft triangle and select E-Commerce Setup
  3. Click on Payment Types
  4. Select the Payment type you want to use and follow the steps.
  5. (If you want to use Stripe, select Other Credit Card Processors and Choose Nexus Merchants as your payment processor. You do need a separate subscription for that)

When you get stuck on this part, let me know.

Structure Course

The structure of your course should be like this: 

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
    • topic 1
    • topic 2
  • Module 3
  • etc

You can use this sheet (copy first) to set the structure of your course. When that's complete, we can add it to your membership. 

Get Started With Your Membership

When you have all the information ready, the structure of the Membership is done, the videos are recorded (or will be recorded soon) you can schedule a startup call with me to kickstart your membership site and your first course.